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Jajangmyun (pronounced jah-jahng-myuhn) is a noodle dish made with vegetables and black bean paste that has become very popular in Korea.


Kongnamul (pronounced kohng-nah-mool) is one of Korea's favorite side dishes.  Made with soy bean sprouts and seasonings, usually served spicy!


Kimchi (pronounced kim-chee) is traditional spicy Korean cabbage.  Loved by all Koreans, you will enjoy eating this healthy side dish with every meal!

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Mandu (pronounced mahn-doo) is a traditional Korean dish made from a mixture of meat and vegetables cooked inside a flour wrap.  Mouthwatering mandu are enjoyed by all Koreans, and once you try one you will love them too!



Bibimbob (pronounced bee-bim-bob) is a delicious and nutiritous dish that is an entire meal.  Use your favorite meat and vegetables and just the right amount of sauce for your perfect taste! is your destination for authentic Korean cooking. gives you easy to follow step by step instructions to prepare nutritious and delicious Korean recipes.  We also provide explanations to tell you some of the history and traditional uses of these dishes.  We hope to make Korean food accessible and enjoyable by everyone!