Select one of the delicious dishes below to see how you can begin enjoying authentic Korean food today!


Bibimbob - This is a wonderful meal made with rice, meat, egg, and a variety of vegetables mixed with sauce made from Korean red bean paste.  This dish is delicious and nutritious, and the red bean sauce can make it as spicy as you like!

Bindaedok - This is a delicious snack food that is easy to prepare.  Bindaedok (pronounced bin-day-dock) are Korean pancakes that can be enjoyed any time of day!

Jajangmyun - Jajangmyun (pronounced jah-jahng-myuhn) is a noodle dish made with vegetables and black bean paste that has become very popular in Korea.

Kimbob - This is a traditional Korean food that resembles sushi, but is much better!  Kimbob (kim = dried seaweed wrap, bob = steamed rice) is prepared with cooked meat, and makes a great snack or meal.


Kimchi - Spicy Korean cabbage.  A favorite Korean food that can be eaten with any meal.  It goes especially well with rice.

Kongnamul - (pronounced kohng-nah-mool) is one of Korea's favorite side dishes.  Made with soy bean sprouts and seasonings, usually served spicy!


Mandu - This is a traditional Korean dish made from a mixture of meat and vegetables cooked inside a flour wrap.  Mouthwatering mandu (pronounced mahn-doo) are enjoyed by all Koreans, and once you try one you will love them too!


Mung Bean Sprouts - Lightly cooked, these tender sprouts can be served with many Korean dishes.

Ramen - Spicy noodles cooked with vegetables, meat, and egg.  Korean ramen (pronounced rah-myun) is a tasty and quick meal that you don't want to miss!



Rice - See how to prepare Korean style rice on your stove top in minutes.



Spinach - Cooked the Korean way!



Zucchini - Stir fried to perfection.